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Surveys and market research

Surveys and research; Know and improve constantly

Market research and surveys to consumers and users is a key piece in today’s business world. It is the ideal way whether what you want is to improve products or services or if what you want is to expand or go to an unknown market. Our Contact Center, as a telephone and online survey company, can help you achieve the best results. We could divide, in general terms, our surveys by their methodology, quantitative or qualitative and also by the type of study, such as customer satisfaction surveys, electoral surveys, market research …

Satisfaction Surveys and Quality Surveys

The customer is the raison d’être of companies and all their marketing actions. In order to know your level of satisfaction with our products or services and to evaluate their quality, it is essential to carry out this type of study on a regular basis. Of course, they are applicable to any sector, B2C or B2B, although the frequency and focus will be different. It is well known that a satisfied customer has an intention to remain in our company. In addition, speaking purely in economic terms, it is much more profitable to retain and retain customers than to acquire new ones. For all these reasons, quality and satisfaction surveys will guide us towards a satisfied and faithful customer. Knowing the opinion of your clients is the key to offer them services and products of your liking and the way to a more secure future. With satisfaction surveys you can know first hand if they liked the product or the treatment received, if they trust your company or how they perceive it. From our Contact Center the surveys can be done in different ways: by telephone, CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing), online or even in some cases. All surveys and investigations are presented in a detailed reporting and surveys recorded in our systems for further verification if necessary. Another of the main reasons for having our Contact Center to carry out a satisfaction survey or a market investigation is the possibility of carrying it out in any language.

Main advantages

  • Satisfaction and quality surveys
  • Market prospecting
  • Latest generation technology
  • Multi language

What our clients say about us

  • Queremos certificar la correcta ejecución del servicio prestado por la empresa respecto a asesoramiento en investigación de mercado. Los requisitos del proyecto fueron satisfechos en los tiempos y las condiciones acordadas con nosotros. El servicio se realizó con total profesionalidad y amabilidad por parte del equipo de Cosmos.

    Outsourcing Services
  • We would like to expressly confirm our satisfaction with the performance of the Customer Care services provided to the Hispasat Group by Cosmos Call Center.

    The ongoing services contracted for Customer Care include the twenty four hours seven days per week management of incidences, complaints and requests. Cosmos is offering excellent services to our clientes in Europe as well as abroad in North America and South America .

    Quality of Service
  • Queremos ratificar la correcta ejecución del servicio de Customer Care que presta la empresa desde hace ya aproximadamente 5 años a nuestra compañía. El servicio consiste en la Atención al Cliente para los clientes de productos de marca propia de Supermercados E lecrerc en España. Mediante el mismo se brinda asesoramiento, información y gestión de incidencias de los ususarios. El servicio se realiza con profesionalidad, cordialidad y eficacia por parte del equipo de Cosmos.

  • Queremos certificar la correcta ejecución del servicio de atención al cliente y venta de entradas del Festival Starlite Marbella (idiomas castellano, inglés, francés)
    Recomendamos ampliamente a la empresa Cosmos Call Center como proveedor de servicios de atención al cliente y telemarketing.

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