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Data Base Updating

Your database is the most valuable commercial tool. Updating it regularly is paramount.

With the vertiginous changes of the current world, the contact forms of your clients can change very easily. That is why it is always convenient to have updated the internal Databases. In addition, the new regulations, such as the RGPD that is mandatory from May 25, 2018, also require new duties and obligations that must be taken into account if high fines are to be avoided. The management, updating and debugging of databases is a perfect task for outsourcing. The ease of incorporating your data into our systems and from there launching quickly and effectively techniques from the Telemarketing area make it an optimal service for a Contact Center. It must be appreciated that sometimes there are technical difficulties in the management of These data make it necessary to entrust the processing of these files to very competent profiles in this area and that are not always available internally. It is also possible that you want to export these databases to services in the cloud, or manage all these data with a new technology, so you have to be very careful in their management. We must also assess other benefits parallel to this task of outsourcing. A debugging of your database will also get:

  • Increase the response in your direct marketing actions.
  • Lower Cost per Lead obtained
  • Segment and generate custom DBs
  • Record and monitor all calls made

On the other hand, users usually accept these communications with a great predisposition, since it is about confirming data to provide a better service. You can be sure that updating and debugging your databases is an ideal task for Outsourcing, and will also allow you to free internal resources for other tasks more related to your business.

Main advantages

  • Specialized technicians
  • Better commercial campaigns
  • Better customer service
  • More security

What our clients say about us

  • Queremos certificar la correcta ejecución del servicio prestado por la empresa respecto a asesoramiento en investigación de mercado. Los requisitos del proyecto fueron satisfechos en los tiempos y las condiciones acordadas con nosotros. El servicio se realizó con total profesionalidad y amabilidad por parte del equipo de Cosmos.

    Outsourcing Services
  • We would like to expressly confirm our satisfaction with the performance of the Customer Care services provided to the Hispasat Group by Cosmos Call Center.

    The ongoing services contracted for Customer Care include the twenty four hours seven days per week management of incidences, complaints and requests. Cosmos is offering excellent services to our clientes in Europe as well as abroad in North America and South America .

    Quality of Service
  • Queremos ratificar la correcta ejecución del servicio de Customer Care que presta la empresa desde hace ya aproximadamente 5 años a nuestra compañía. El servicio consiste en la Atención al Cliente para los clientes de productos de marca propia de Supermercados E lecrerc en España. Mediante el mismo se brinda asesoramiento, información y gestión de incidencias de los ususarios. El servicio se realiza con profesionalidad, cordialidad y eficacia por parte del equipo de Cosmos.

  • Queremos certificar la correcta ejecución del servicio de atención al cliente y venta de entradas del Festival Starlite Marbella (idiomas castellano, inglés, francés)
    Recomendamos ampliamente a la empresa Cosmos Call Center como proveedor de servicios de atención al cliente y telemarketing.

    Starlite Marbella
    Alberto Villanueva Ticketing Deparment
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