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The NGOs perform a fundamental task to reach where states and other institutions do not arrive. They address poverty, defend human rights, favor development in countries with difficulties, distribute food, take medical resources to remote places ..

It is important that Contact Center teams have concerns or affinities with these organizations. The human factor is very important and internalizing certain values is fundamental to achieve the objective of the different NGOs.

Sales and telesales NGOs sector


Difficulty in attracting

new donors or donations due to the high level of competition in the NGO sector.

Involve the teams
with the cause of the NGO.


Experienced teams in the NGO sector
Our operators feel identified with the cause of the NGO. The agents must believe in the cause, not ask or implore the collaboration but transmit to future donors the vitudes of the project and the need of our world to change for the better and carry out actions that help people. We have experience in the sector since we have been selling the product for years. Continuous training sessions should be held and improvements should be implemented periodically.

Qualified BBDD
Grupo Cosmos monthly acquires more than 100,000 leads from leading lead generation agencies such as Agentic, Adsalsa, RC Respons Concepts, Web Rivage …. We also generate internally through our own Digital Solutions Agency and work team. This allows us to have a qualified database of customers interested in your products and thus aim directly at the target obtaining the best results and a high performance to each contact.

Contact center technology
Our Contact Center tool is based on a predictive / progressive dialing engine capable of monitoring and listening, assessing the conversion ratios of the different bbdd and thus make decisions about the leads to optimize them, obtain all the reports we need in real time, monitor live operations, etc.

What our clients say about us

  • Queremos certificar la correcta ejecución del servicio prestado por la empresa respecto a asesoramiento en investigación de mercado. Los requisitos del proyecto fueron satisfechos en los tiempos y las condiciones acordadas con nosotros. El servicio se realizó con total profesionalidad y amabilidad por parte del equipo de Cosmos.

    Outsourcing Services
  • We would like to expressly confirm our satisfaction with the performance of the Customer Care services provided to the Hispasat Group by Cosmos Call Center.

    The ongoing services contracted for Customer Care include the twenty four hours seven days per week management of incidences, complaints and requests. Cosmos is offering excellent services to our clientes in Europe as well as abroad in North America and South America .

    Quality of Service
  • Queremos ratificar la correcta ejecución del servicio de Customer Care que presta la empresa desde hace ya aproximadamente 5 años a nuestra compañía. El servicio consiste en la Atención al Cliente para los clientes de productos de marca propia de Supermercados E lecrerc en España. Mediante el mismo se brinda asesoramiento, información y gestión de incidencias de los ususarios. El servicio se realiza con profesionalidad, cordialidad y eficacia por parte del equipo de Cosmos.

  • Queremos certificar la correcta ejecución del servicio de atención al cliente y venta de entradas del Festival Starlite Marbella (idiomas castellano, inglés, francés)
    Recomendamos ampliamente a la empresa Cosmos Call Center como proveedor de servicios de atención al cliente y telemarketing.

    Starlite Marbella
    Alberto Villanueva Ticketing Deparment
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